Deposit & New Construction

Moving to our Water District?

  • All customers are required to pay a deposit for service.
  • Deposits are $60.00.
  • Deposits are kept in an interest bearing account and customer accounts are credited the interest the deposit earns on a yearly basis.
  • Deposits are refundable upon disconnection of service.
  • Upon disconnection of service, the final bill will be deducted from the deposit.

Building in our Water District?

  • A normal 5/8” meter will cost a total of $1210.00. A deposit is included in this amount. This also pays for the tap and meter set at your address. (As long as there is a water main that serves your area.)
  • Per 807 KAR 5.066 Section 12, the home owner is responsible for running his/her own line from the meter to the home, barn, etc.
  • Only one residence may be served by a meter at any given time.
  • LCWD does require that a cut off valve be installed by the customer between the meter and home.
  • LCWD will start billing a minimum bill whether or not you are hooked up to your meter within one (1) month of installing meter.
  • We will charge this minimum bill for 12 months or until you begin using water from your meter. At that point, we will charge you for water that is used.
  • Customer is required to have  a plumbing permit if you are installing water on less than 10 acres of land or a farm exempt certificate if you are installing water on more that 10 acres of land.  Prior to us unlocking your meter. The plumbers permit can be obtained from the Health Department. Their number is 270-358-3844.  A farmers exempt certificate can be obtained from our office.